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Beitou Resort FAQs

Q1: How do I use the fitness facilities of the Beitou Resort?

A1: The recreation center of the resort is for members only. You may purchase a ticket by presenting your membership card. After submitting the ticket and membership card to the on-site personnel for registration, you are allowed to use the fitness facilities.

Q2: How do I subscribe for membership?


  1. In line with the "Directions for the Implementation of Taipei City Government’s TaipeiPASS Service," it is necessary for guests to activate their TaipeiPASS and apply as a member of the Go! Taipei Metro app before they can apply for membership at Beitou Resort.
  2. Upon completing the aforementioned steps (activating TaipeiPASS and registering as a Go! Taipei Metro app member), guests can apply for their Beitou Resort membership either through the Taipei City Government's City Services Platform, or in person at Beitou Resort’s gym counter. When using your membership card for the first time, please bring a half-length photo for us to keep on record, as well as any relevant documentation (e.g. proof you qualify for priority or preferred member tickets, or employee discounts).

Q3: How do I apply for long-term use of the fitness facilities?

A3: Currently only the basketball and badminton courts are available for long-term rental. A minimum of 3 months is the limit for each rental application. Please call us at TEL: +886-2-2536-3001 extension 8618, to make enquiry on availabilities of the facilities in advance.

On confirmation of available schedule and court, immediately fill out the “Beitou Resort Basketball and Badminton Court Long-Term Rental Application Form” and fax it to +886-2-28962314 for application.

Q4: How do I rent a classroom?

A4: The Beitou Resort classrooms are only available to enterprises or groups for training activities.

For further information, please contact us at TEL: +886-2-25363001 ext. 8386 during office hours (Mon–Fri 09:00-17:00, excluding national holidays and Labor Day).

Q5: Are parking facilities available in the Beitou Resort?


  1. Beitou Resort is located within the Taipei Metro’s Beitou Depot, where there is a paid parking garage with an automatic license plate recognition system. For cars and red/yellow plate (large heavy-duty) motorcycles, drivers can pay by cash or EasyCard at the automatic payment machine before leaving. EasyCard holders can also pay directly with their card at the exit gate. Parking fees are currently not imposed on ordinary motorcycles.
  2. Parking fees for cars and red/yellow plate (large heavy-duty) motorcycles are NT$40 per entry, with additional charges for overnight parking. Nighttime (00:00 to 05:00) parking fees are NT$20 per hour.