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Goals and Concepts
Our goal at Beitou Resort is to provide one of the best public venues for exercise, recreation, as well as business and organizational training activities, and give back to the community. We leverage our resources to establish an exceptional, diversified environment that integrates transportation, arts, culture, and recreation with the local community.
Our business philosophy is to “put customers and quality first” by fulfilling the following three goals: to maintain the quality of our facilities; deliver satisfactory customer service; and enhance the added value of our products. As such, we have continued to plan and build a variety of sporting and recreational facilities, purchase and upgrade teaching equipment in the classrooms, and carry out landscaping improvements. Enhancements to the facilities and equipment at the Resort are continually made with interactivity, comfort, and diversity in mind, under an overarching metro theme. Our aim is to provide citizens, corporations, and organizations with the best venue for education, training, exercise, leisure, and fitness, ultimately realizing our vision of "a world-class metro, a wonderful Taipei."
Beitou Resort provides the following services:
Education: Modern classrooms and lecture halls equipped with an extensive selection of advanced teaching equipment, ideal for corporate training events.
Entertainment: Abundant fitness and leisure activities, plus professional facilities and brightly-lit spaces, ensure optimal recreation for both body and mind.
Accommodations: An elegant, comfortable place to rest and relax, surrounded by the beauty of the Guandu Plain.
Food: From a classy banquet restaurant to convenience stores, visitors will always be able to find the ideal location to entertain guests, dine, or replenish energy after a workout.
Art: Enrich yourself through lectures held by experts in the fields of art and humanities.
Transportation: The Resort is accessible by the safe and comfortable Taipei Metro, or by car, boasting a spacious parking lot.



During the construction of the Taipei MRT System, the Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) provided for a training & activity center at the Beitou Depot for the training of MRT personnel. On July, 1997, upon the completion of the Tamsui Line, responsibility for the maintenance and management of the center was transferred to the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) so that it can be used for employee education and training.

In the interests of effective utilization, giving back to residents along the MRT tracks, enhancing the image of TRTC services and revenue generation, the center was made available for public rental on July 14, 2002.

Training classrooms and trainee dormitories were consolidated in January, 2004, and resources not reserved for internal training were made officially available to businesses, organizations and groups for the hosting of training and development activities under the name of the "Beitou Resort".

The "Evacuation Experience Center" was established to fulfill the social responsibility of the TRTC and provide education on emergency evacuations from the MRT. The Evacuation Experience Center was opened to the public on June 3, 2008, to educate the public, schools and groups on disaster prevention and emergency evacuation from the MRT system using the learning through play format. It has now become a popular destination for the public and school excursions.