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 (1)For individual reservations, please contact +886-2-2893-0105 ext. 8399. Groups of 10 persons or more should make a reservation at least 7 business days in advance (excluding holidays and public holidays) via the Taipei City Government’s City Services Platform.
 (2)The number of visitors in a party is calculated by headcount, regardless of age (i.e. all children including those under 6 years old count as 1 person).
 (3)Reservations are only valid if the TRTC sends notice that the reservation was approved.

Groups of 10 persons or more wishing to cancel or change their reservation date for any reason, please notify the TRTC one day before the visit date.
2.For group reservations, the reservation applicant is responsible for leading their group into the Beitou Depot and must show ID documentation at the Evacuation Experience Center service desk, complete identity verification and headcount of group members, and purchase tickets before entering.
3.If guided tours are unavailable, TRTC will notify the applicant to alter the visit time or cancel.
4.Students under the age of 12 (elementary school and below) should be accompanied by a teacher or parent.
5.No rowdy behavior, running, eating, drinking, smoking, or chewing of gum or betel nut.
6.Fares must be paid at the Evacuation Experience Center service desk on the day of visit.
7.How tours operate:
 (1)Guided tour sessions start at 09:00, 10:40, 14:00, and 15:30.
 (2)Guided tours will take place in individual groups. Each group should not exceed 50 people.
 (3)Individual visitors or groups of less than 10 are encouraged to join the guided tours. Guides will adjust groupings and tours as they see fit to suit on-site circumstances.
 (4)To ensure the quality of guided tours and visitor safety during the experience, group visitors of 10 persons or more are limited to 50 persons per session; individual visitors are limited to 100 persons per session.
8.Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any other questions. Contact number: +886-2-2893-0105 ext. 8399 (office hours 09:00-17:00, Wen.-Sun.).