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  1. In line with the "Directions for the Implementation of Taipei City Government’s Taipei Pass Service," it is necessary for guests to activate their Taipei Pass and apply as a member of the Go! Taipei Metro app before they can apply for membership at Beitou Resort.
  2. Guests should complete the "Taipei City Government Taipei Pass Service Application Form” (which includes the "Taipei City Government Single Identification Service Personal Data Collection, Processing, and Utilization Consent Form" and "Beitou Resort Membership Card Application Form"). All relevant forms can be downloaded on the Beitou Resort official website or are available on-site.
  3. The aforementioned application forms can be submitted through the Taipei City Government's City Services Platform, or in person at Beitou Resort’s gym counter. When using your membership card for the first time, please bring a half-length photo for us to keep on record, as well as any relevant documentation (e.g. proof you qualify for priority or preferred member tickets, or employee discounts).