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  1. Beitou Resort operates on a membership system. Members may use facilities and services provided by the resort based on their membership type. Members shall abide by Member Regulations and related rules. Member rights neither include any right to possess an asset or manage profits of the resort, nor include any right to participate in administrative, personnel, or financial matters of the resort.
  2. When using resort facilities and equipment, members shall not arbitrarily alter or move the original installations. Members shall abide by Member Utilization Rules of the resort and will indemnify any damage to equipment according to its purchase price in case of damages resulting from intentional abuse or abnormal use of equipment.
  3. Member data are stored on computers. Membership cards shall be used by the bearer only, no borrowing or transferring allowed.
  4. Please wear sportswear and sneakers when entering the resort. Equipment shall be returned to original position after use. Please wipe off your sweat as a courtesy to the next user.
  5. Follow instructions of the managing staff and abide by the TRTC Beitou Resort Management Guidelines. Do not make loud noises or bring in pets. Gambling, drinking, smoking, chewing betel nut, and illegal acts are strictly forbidden. Do not disturb public order or cause trouble/fights. The resort is entitled to expel those who refuse to cooperate. Any infringement of public safety will be reported to the police.
  6. Lockers are provided in the resort for temporary safekeeping of personal belongings when members are using the facilities. After use, the member shall remove all objects from the locker. The resort is not responsible for the safekeeping of member's belongings; any loss or theft shall be the member's own responsibility. Items left behind will be placed in the lost and found if the owner cannot be identified.
  7. The resort is open year-round according to the announced open hours except during the Lunar New Year holidays. In the event of a natural disaster, emergency, or any other force majeure event, the resort may close temporarily or shorten operation hours.
  8. Members shall present their membership card at the resort’s gym counter to purchase a ticket before entering and using facilities in the resort.
  9. Minors under 15 are forbidden from using the exercise equipment.
  10. Without permission, members are not allowed to perform commercial activities in the resort, including making advertisements and putting up posters.
  11. The Beitou Resort Website reserves the right to alter Member Regulations at any time. Renewal of Member Regulations will be announced immediately on the front page. Any suggestions or responses to services provided by Beitou Resort are welcome.