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The basketball court in our resort is an indoor standard court complying with professional standards. The court is furnished with high-class maple floor, air-conditioning, PA systems, standard electronic timing and scoreboard for competition (charged separately), and almost 200 spectator seats, suitable for practices and games of enterprise groups.

Opening HoursWeekdays (Mon.-Fri.) 15:00~22:00. Weekends and Summer/Winter Vacations 09:00~22:00
Capacity10~50 people
ChargeNT$ 1600 (peak ticket)
RemarksCharged by the hour. Fraction of an hour is counted as one hour.
NoteLong-term lease for the basketball court is only available to groups of 10 persons or more, all of whom should hold valid memberships and must submit a roster for reference when applying. All must wear game shoes when entering the court; leather shoes, rubber shoes, spike shoes and any other shoes that may damage the court are strictly forbidden.