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Area 16.7 m2, capacity 114 people, flat seating, ceiling height 3.5m. Also provided with advanced teaching aids including a high-quality surround-sound audio system, meeting recording and playback equipment, wireless microphone, 3 LCD high resolution elevated projectors, 108" motorized projector screen, lecture stage, versatile mode lighting, ideal for holding lectures and large scale annual meetings of enterprise groups.

Auditorium - 108” motorized projector scree   Auditorium - 114 seats
Opening Hours Closed in the Lunar New Year holidays as announced by the resort.
Capacity 114 people
Charge NT$ 10,000
Remarks Charge is based on 4-hour sections, morning, afternoon and evening.
  1. Please refer to "Venue Rental Service" for details of training room use and payment.
  2. No food or drinks are allowed in the auditorium.